Friday, 31 March 2017

20 miles DONE!

This weekend I needed to do a 20 mile training run. I was struggling to know when to fit it in this weekend as I knew it would take quite some time so in the end decided  to use up the last of my leave and go this morning.

It was hard. As always the first few miles felt impossible. A bit of Fatboy Slim came up on my music playlist and that got me settled into a better pace. I made 10 miles without too much trouble and headed into the petrol station for water and jelly tots. I needed the fluids but that stop killed my pace and the next few miles felt tough through to 15 miles. And then, even though I felt dead on my feet, I realised that just five more miles was doable. So I soldiered on at my snails pace and got it done.

The last few miles were painful- I had lost track of my pre-planned route so ended up running past the top of my road a short way to make up the distance. Timed to perfection though as my garmin  flagged 20 miles exactly as I stepped onto my driveway.

So- DONE! That was the last of the long runs before the big day. Now I get to taper. This means eat carbs and ease up on the distances. Taper is my new favourite word!

I'm also very nearly at my target following some offline fundraising so if you fancy sponsoring me this evening here is the link 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Small things, big emotions....

On the school run today, a fellow mum, marathon trainee and friend handed me a tiny gauze bag saying 'I've got a present for you...' Inside the bag were these two little pieces of metal, punched with lace-holes and inscribed with personalised messages. They are for my trainers and will without a doubt help me every step of the way round the course in 4 weeks time.

Such a small gift, but so thoughtful. Needless to say I cried buckets!!! I will be a total wreck by the time this is over!

Thank you Becci. We can do this!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Maidstone Road Run

I needed to do a 17 mile run this weekend so signed up for the Maidstone Road run half-marathon option and plotted a route from there on to William's rugby club to make up the distance.

It was hard going to start with; I think I am getting tired and not fuelling sensibly and the first two miles I felt dreadful, but once I got my pace settled down I started to feel a little better.The route was erm.... 'undulating' and quite challenging, and had the added psychological struggle of being two loops of a 6.6 mile course so you approach the start/ finish knowing you need to go round again, AND you know exactly what is coming the second time around! However, the one small advantage of hilly routes is that all the flat/ downhill sections feel just that little bit easier.

Once the 'official' part of the run was over and I had grabbed my medal, some water and dashed for a loo break, I headed back out of East Malling and on down the road to add four more painfully slow miles to the rugby club. I have no idea how my running friends Nick and Naz managed to add on 8 more miles. They must have been hurting by the end; the only saving grace is that they are running Brighton so presumably can now taper off the long runs ahead of the race!

A bit more bling for the collection

Carolyn and Yvette from B2R were marshalling this time and it was VERY lovely so see them. A hug and big encouragement is just what we needed today

A run of two halves
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Friday, 17 March 2017


It is official. The merry band of Early Birds made it through the winter darkness and we are now back out in the sunlight proper. There was no question today, we chose the Greensands Way just so that we could enjoy the offroad route and marvel at the views. Just so so great to not be out in the dark!

Yvette, Debbie, Penny, Andrew, me, Fiona

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Blogging the Bloggers

I saw an advert a week ago on the Children with Cancer UK pages asking for people who are blogging about training for an event/ fundraising for them or writing about a child with cancer to get in touch. I sent them my blog link, and they whizzed through it and asked me if they could take excerpts and repost them to their own site. Of course I said yes (because I am really vain and love a bit of social media), and so they did. They also pushed it out on Twitter and Facebook. Take a look! Nick Davis, I can only apologise that they chose photos of the more lovely Sarah to feature on their page, but they did retain links to my fellow runner's charities which I was really pleased about.

Got the Gear!

Last week I spotted an advert on Facebook for a sports-wear brand called Tikiboo who were advertising Mr Men and Little Miss printed running tights and capris. I commented on the advert pointing out that as I was running the London Marathon for Children with Cancer UK who use 'Team Mr Men and Little Miss' for their sports events, I would clearly neeeeeeed some of these legging to run in.

A very lovely friend suggested that she and her daughter, my Goddaughter, buy some for me so that I could have a 'Goddaughter Hug' for my legs on the big day. She was true to her word, and these fabulous running capris arrived today. Here I am modelling them (I think this pose is far more realistic than the models on the Tikiboo site.....) along with my CwC vest top. Not the best photo but in my defense I was just home from Pilates and also very very excited to grab a pic and send it to my friend.

So, I now have all the gear - I just hope that on the day I have some idea, too!

Little Miss Fun legs
I was tempted to test them this morning but will save them for a longer run. It was suprisingly cold again today and I struggled round my 7 miles this morning, but the sun coming up as I ran due East was pretty wonderful to see.

Hello Sunshine

6am Club

There are just five weeks to go now; please do sponsor me if you have not yet managed it. Thank you, lovely people!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Running and Riding

I was out on the driveway washing the car in the sunshine yesterday when our good friends and neighbours walked past on their way back from a dog walk. We chatted for a bit, and when I said I was running today but just local loops as I was on my own, the lovely Sue basically said NOPE - I'll sort my bike out when I get home and cycle your route with you.

And that is exactly what she did. And I can't tell you how lovely that was! The first 8 mile loop was done before I had a chance to even think about what I was doing and how far I was going, just pottering along and nattering as we went. By 10/ 11 miles I was feeling tired, but Sue nailed the balance of distraction and encouragement. Hitting the home straight of the last mile was amazing (in fact my pace increased, the end in sight!!!) and we made it back to the start point, 16.19 miles DONE!!!!

Thank you for giving up a lie in and leisurely morning for me, Sue xxx

Ready for off!

Yes, ok, off to run/ride 16 miles. We are FIT. We still felt the need to suck our tummies in though :)

The proof. About right pace-wise for me too

2,093 calories - yep, inhaled my Sunday roast today

As always, here is the link; I'm edging up on the training miles and edging up on the fundraising too. Not far to go now.